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Inventor: Robert P. Butler, PLS Technologies, Inc.

MAY 2021

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Cross Arm Reinforcement

Designed To Fit All Cross-arm Poles. Provides Full Strength To All Pole Tops With Flanges To Support The Cross-arm

Patented (9,394,716)

#PT26 8/10

Pole Top Restore

A Complete Pole Top Prosthetic For Heavily Damaged Pole Tops.
Currently available in Steel
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Patented (9,528,290)


Distribution Pole Reinforcement

Distribution Pole Reinforcement, For Distribution Poles That Have Been Damaged By Woodpeckers, Cracking, Auto Accidents, etc.
Currently available in steel
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Patented (9,580,926)


Transmission Pole Reinforcement

A Complete 2 – Part System For Structural Support For Transmission Poles Damaged By Woodpeckers, Cracking, etc. Can Be Built To Any Length Or Diameter.

Currently available in Steel

Patented (9,580,926)


Channel Plate Flat

Channel Plate Flat, Standard Flat Washer Fits All Composite Parts To Increase Holding Pressure, Oval Hole For Angled Bolts.

Patented (8,984,834)


Channel Plate Recessed

This Is A Versatile 3-way Usage Washer Plate That Can Be Used If Thru Bolt Is Short Or Long To Increase Holding Pressure, Oval Hole For Angled Bolts.

Patented (8,984,834)

PTS17 & TPTS20

Pole Top Seal

A peel and stick rubberized wood pole protection cap designed to fit weathered tops.

VR 72

Vertical Reinforcement

For Larger Scale Pole Top Damage Caused By Woodpeckers, cracking, etc.

Patented (8,984,834)

VR 48

Vertical Reinforcement

Main Pole Top Reinforcement For Larger Wire- 336 Or Greater

Patented (8,984,834)

VR 30

Vertical Reinforcement

Most Common Pole Top Reinforcement For Wire Size Smaller Than 336 And For Streetlight Brackets And Secondary Poles

Patented (8,984,834)

IS 20

Insulator Support

For structural support to all Primary pole top insulators and thru-bolts.

Patented (8,984,834)

Wood pecker damage

Distribution pole damage

Streetlight pole top decay

Decayed Double circuit poles