Material Properties / Testing

All of Pole Life Systems' products have been thoroughly tested according to ANSI standards.


A special Thank You to our partners at The University of Alabama at Birmingham Material Science & Engineering Department for the following video. This video will show Pole Life Systems’ products put to a physical assembly compression test to 2500 lbs.  This represents a loading of 5:1 – five times the normal loading we would expect for 795 feeder wire.  The 5/8” insulator bolt and PLS products where moved above the pole to prevent any wood pole support for this test.  As you will see in this short video, that we broke or bent several standard utility parts without any damage to our products.


Material Properties:

PropertyTest ProcedurePole Life Systems/PolyOne Average Test ResultsPeak Loading
Glass Content, % by weightASTM D258465-75
Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa)ASTM D303984.43,015 lbs.
Tensile Modulus, Msi (GPa)ASTM D30396.1
Flexural Strength, ksi (MPa)ASTM D790142.1
Flexural Modulus, Msi (GPa)ASTM D7904.0
Compressive Strength, ksi (MPa)ASTM D664174 (512)2,676 lbs.
Density, lbs/in3 (g/cm3)ASTM D792.068-.073 (1.9-2)
Barcol HardnessASTM D258350-60
Burning TestASTM D635Self Extinguishing