Pole Life Systems’ products are a cost effective, reliable solution to the high cost of pole replacement.

There are substantial portions of most utility’s wood pole infrastructures that are aging and deteriorating. Several utilities are experiencing large scale pole top failures. Almost half of their non-compliant poles are due to this problem. We have the solution to this problem!

The Pole Life System

Pole Life Systems’ products are constructed with a poly fiber resin composite which allows for a lower cost yet more durable product. A light weight product that can be efficiently transported in a crew truck, allowing for a faster and safer installation. Our product gives the utility industry a more cost effective, Capital based product.

  • All products can be reused
  • Our products provide for a safer installation for workers and the public, faster response times in emergencies, permanent restoration not temporary fixes and minimal environmental impact.
  • Products have an integrated UV protection and immunity to rot, corrosion, woodpeckers, insects and are fire retardant

Pole Life Systems also has a product line of steel parts that can be custom made to fit yours needs.

Channel Plate Flat
Patented (8,984,834)

Channel Plate Flat, Standard Flat Washer Fits All Composite Parts To Increase Holding Pressure, Oval Hole For Angled Bolts.

Double Deadend Reinforcement Kit
DDK20 Patented (8,948,834)
Secondary Reinforcement Kit
SRK30 Patented (8,948,834)
Composite 48 Reinforcement Kit
CRK48 Patented (8,948,834)
Primary Reinforcement Kit
PRK30 8,948,834
Pole Top Restore

#PT26 8/10

Patented (9,528,290)

A Complete Pole Top Prosthetic For Heavily Damaged Pole Tops.
Currently available in Steel
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