All of Pole Life System products have been thoroughly tested according to ANSI standards.

Material Properties

Property Test Procedure Pole Life Systems/PolyOne Average Test Results Peak Loading
Glass Content, % by weight ASTM D2584 65-75
Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa) ASTM D3039 84.4 3,015 lbs.
Tensile Modulus, Msi (GPa) ASTM D3039 6.1
Flexural Strength, ksi (MPa) ASTM D790 142.1
Flexural Modulus, Msi (GPa) ASTM D790 4.0
Compressive Strength, ksi (MPa) ASTM D6641 74 (512) 2,676 lbs.
Density, lbs/in3 (g/cm3) ASTM D792 .068-.073 (1.9-2)
Barcol Hardness ASTM D2583 50-60
Burning Test ASTM D635 Self Extinguishing