Cost Benefits

Financial Analysis of the Pole Top Restoration Program


Our products will meet FERC guidelines as a Capital Expense. They will be classified as restoration which qualifies as a Capital Expenditure due to the following:

  1. Designed and Engineered to be a permanent structure which will add decades of additional service life to the pole.
  2. Will meet the definition of a “betterment” or substantial addition to the pole plant.

This will differentiate our products from previous wood braces that were temporary repairs and charged to O & M.


The NESC and the Public Service Commission state that wood structures should be replaced or rehabilitated when deterioration reduces the structure strength to two-thirds of that required when installed. Pole Life Systems’ products will bring your poles to full compliance at a fraction of the replacement costs.

O & M

By stocking pole top reinforcement products on hand and available to all Line Department bucket trucks, O & M cost will be reduced every time a crew gets called out to a job site that has pole top problems. The pole can be restored permanently as a Capital expense – an alternative to the current practice of making temporary repairs. This new practice will even work for storms and public accident poles. No need to schedule additional crews to complete the work order.

Storm Hardening / Power Quality

The use of Pole Life Systems’ products to reinforce vertical and horizontal poles, will reduce your overhead line maintenance costs. Outages and customer minutes of interruption can also be reduced. As part of your storm hardening strategy and goals, pole top reinforcement will be an additional plan to strengthen the distribution and transmission systems.

Financial Benefits

  • Defer Capital replacement cost for 20+ years
  • Utilities can restore 8 poles for the same cost to replace one
  • Reduce or eliminate engineering and staff support costs
  • Reduce or eliminate most MOT costs
  • Reduce liability of existing pole top hazards
  • Eliminate O & M cost that would be spent on pole top temporary repairs
  • Reduces outages caused by pole top failures
  • Eliminate joint use transfer coordination costs
  • Eliminate all costs associated with stub pole removal
  • Eliminate stub pole disposal costs
  • Eliminate all costs associated with pole trucking and job set-up
  • Improves safety in reducing potential accidents during pole replacement
  • Eliminates most pole replacements caused by woodpecker damage